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This modern Ketubah is an original paper embroidery design, inspired by traditional techniques."Spring Bloom Embroidered Ketubah" Design is perfect for your Jewish wedding or interfaith wedding. This one of a kind embroidered Ketubahs is completely unique and bring together various techniques with traditional charm.

The "Spring Bloom Embroidered Ketubah" is a very delicate piece. The subtle details that flow between the purples and greens are impeccable and completely unique to the world of Ketubahs. The circular nature and complete symmetry of this work defines the wedding contract's spiritual meaning and presence in the lives of the couple on their wedding day and beyond, as their love and connection grows.


♥ Print is optional for this design - please contact me!

♥ Custom color choice available for all hand painted works

Spring Bloom Embroidered Ketubah

  • The text you choose can be English, Hebrew, or traditional Aremaic.
    *You can choose up to two languages. 
    ♥ If you already have a ready text, that's great! Send it to me before ordering the Ketubah to:
    ♥ If you don't have a text, I suggest asking your rabbi/cantor/officiant for the most suitable one for you, or, I can gladly help you find the right text for you. 
    ♥ The text is digitally printed with your selected wording and personalized with your names, wedding date, and ceremony location. 
    ♥ You can choose between 2 font options: Modern style & Traditional style (see photos). Please be sure to mention your text choice when ordering your ketubah!