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It was around the time of finishing my Bachelor's in Design in Israel that one of my best friends asked me to create a Ketubah for her wedding. This request completely changed my life. Since then, I have had the honor to work closely with countless couples around the world - of all different backgrounds, traditions, denominations, orientations, and ages - to create unique Ketubahs and wedding vows marking their equally unique love and connection to one another. 

While I work in several different mediums, I am the only artist offering unique embroidered Ketubot. Providing this style, along with my watercolor and succulent works, it is easy to find something special and rare for every order that is received. 

I offer customizable hand-painted original works as well as museum grade, vibrant prints on cold press, textured acid free paper. Matching invitations and similar additions are also available. I now live in Brooklyn, NY and my Ketubahs ship anywhere in the world.

Painting a Ketubah...