Sam & Lina
Sam & Lina wedding_edited_edited.jpg

"We loved working with Britt on our Ketubah. I have known her husband for a few years and only knew that Britt had such a special talent of creating such beautiful artwork for our special day. We reached out early and Britt took us through all of the different and unique designs she could provide. She was extremely detail oriented when it came to our text. Which is really important! We will continue to recommend Britt to all of our friends looking for Ketubah's and beautiful artwork on the future. We are excited to have her work in our home for the rest

of our lives!"

Jennifer & Sean
Jennifer & Sean Wedding

"Brit was wonderful to work with. She took time to get to know us as a couple and was interested in our wedding details and our journey as a couple. She was also flexible as we navigated changes to our wedding planning due to COVID-19. Our embroidered ketubah is stunning, a true work of art. Brit was happy to use the text that my husband and I wrote ourselves and sent proofs to make sure it was exactly how we wanted before proceeding with the embroidery. Shipping was also incredibly fast, and Brit was in touch to confirm that it had in fact arrived safely. We are beyond thrilled with our ketubah and excited to look at it every day for years to come."

Tamara & Steve
Tamara and Steve's wedding

"We loved the entire process working with Britt. She spent the time to understand what we wanted, who we were and what we wanted our Ketubah to represent. Brit was clear, on time, and set and managed expectations beyond our expectations."

Anna & Adam
Anna & Adam ketubah

"We are so thankful for Brit’s talent and charm! When looking for a Ketubah for our interfaith wedding, nothing on the traditional websites spoke to me, so I searched Instagram for inspiration. Immediately I was drawn to Brit’s beautiful watercolors. My husband and I spent quarantine at the beach so it made sense to have water incorporated into our Ketubah in some way. Brit was so responsive and we had a wonderful phone call getting to know each other. It made me feel good knowing she truly wanted to create a special custom piece to represent our relationship and remind us daily of our love. We were so blown away by the Ketubah she created!!! It is a beautiful work of art that brings joy to our hearts. We look forward to working with Brit in the future for other momentous occasions in life or fun gifts for friends and family. We can’t thank Brit enough for the love she poured into our Ketubah."

Carly & Jonathan

"When searching for our ketubah, we wanted something unique, personal and made in Israel. We are thrilled we came across Britt and her work. She's a talented artist who was a pleasure to work with while designing our custom ketubah. She took our story and crafted a ketubah that is beautiful and one-of-a-kind. You're in good hands when working with Britt."

Roma & Ronit
Roma & Ronit wedding

"Brit was absolutely amazing to work with. The entire process was smooth and professional from beginning to end. We had such a specific and unique request and she was open minded and flexible to find a balance between our vision and her own beautiful style. Ronit and I could not be happier with the result. When we went to pick the Ketubah up, our jaws dropped. Thank you so much Brit for creating such a wonderful and personal piece!"

 Amanda & Stevie
Purple & Green Stained Glass Ketubah

"Britt created our dream ketubah! She made the process and the final piece feel so personal and meaningful! Communication and contact was so smooth and constant throughout the process. When we had to postpone our 2020 wedding Britt was amazingly supportive and edited the date, producing an even more unique and beautiful piece! We love working with Britt and I couldn't recommend her more." 

Rachel & John
Rachel & John

"We had such a positive experience working with Brit! She worked with us step by step through the whole process, from the exact wording of our Ketubah text to the design down to which color and size we were happiest with! We chose Brit's embroidered Ketubah which we fell in love with right away, it was something so unique, something we have never seen before so we decided to go with that! Our family and friends admire it each time they see it hanging in our home! Thank you so much Brit for helping us make our wedding a little more colorful!"

Alli & Michael
Alli & Michael

"Brit is kind, extraordinarily talented, and organized! She was able to take our vision for a ketubah that combined all of her mediums (watercolor, gold leaf, and embroidery) and turn it in to the most meaningful and beautiful piece of art I have ever owned for our precious ketubah that will hang in our home as a symbol of our love and commitment forever! She responds quickly, had 3 video chat meetings with us to go over our vision and her initial drawings, and the final product is a beautiful dream come true. She mailed it to us wrapped flat and perfectly with time to spare before the wedding to ensure its safe and quick arrival to the United States which was extremely smooth! Anyone planning a wedding should choose vendors that treat you like their own friends and family and Brit is the easiest and friendliest of them all! If you are thinking about working with her, definitely do it!!!"

Meredith & Niritte
Meredith & Niritte Wedding

We searched and searched all the big sites to find a ketubah, but nothing fit our style; nothing felt personal. We feel SO lucky to have found Brit, who has a variety of beautiful designs that we could connect with. We met with Brit to discuss options, and she couldn't have been more friendly or welcoming. She walked us through all the different texts, and the one we chose really said all that we could have hoped to express. The ketubah Brit made us was so beautiful that we chose to have it signed during our wedding ceremony.  It now hangs in our home, and we have the pleasure of looking at it every day.

Succulent wreath home blessing

"The succulent Birchat Habayit is a beautiful piece that I'm excited to give as a wedding gift to my best friend! I love the unique pattern, detail, and color that that bring it all together!"

Jodi & Jason
Succulent Garden Ketubah

"What can I say other than Brit is an absolute doll to work with. She is super meticulous and careful with her work. The colors of our Ketubah are gorgeous and the care she takes in creating this beautiful work of art is top notch. We can not wait to be married and to sign our Ketubah and to then be able to display our love and marriage as well as the beauty of the artwork. Thank you so much."

Adrienne & Jeff
Adrienne & Jeff

"We couldn't have asked for a more perfect ketubah! My fiance and I requested a custom color palate with the hand painted stained glass design, and Britt took great care to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. She even helped us with translating our personalized text into Hebrew. We were so excited to finally receive our ketubah and even more excited to display it at our wedding in a few months! Thanks, Britt!"

Olivia & Guarav
Golden Mandala Ketubah

"It’s beautiful, and both the text and art will help make our apartment a true home once we’re married. Many thanks for your hard work!"

Josh & Lauren
Josh & Lauren

"We had our Ketubah designed by Britt, and we couldn’t have been more happy with the results.  We were looking for a very specific color palate to match the vibe of our wedding, and she did an amazing job translating that concept to the watercolor.  We also worked together to make sure the text was a perfect representation of our union.  The Ketubah is hanging in our living room now, and I would recommend her services without hesitation!"

Erin & Eric
Blue & Purple Watercolor Drops Ketubah

"She was very responsive through the whole process and was done well with our timeline. The finished product turned out exactly like expected. Highly recommended!!"

Julia & Benjamin
Succulent Garden Ketubah

"Beautiful! Brit was so helpful and careful to make sure everything about the Ketubah was correct. She even helped to translate our text to Hebrew! Thanks Brit!"

Emelia & Alex
beaded ketubah

"We love our ketubah! Bitt was so helpful and gave us guidance on selecting text, language, translation, font and color! The final product with intricate hand gold beading is stunning and looks just as beautiful on our wall as it did on our wedding day. Thank you :)" 

Samantha & Justin
Ocean watercolor drops ketubah

"Brit did a fantastic job from start to finish helping us pick out a ketubah for our wedding. She was very responsive, and helped me pick out the language we chose to print out on the ketubah. The prints look better in person than the photos, which is really saying something. I highly recommend anyone looking for for a ketubah to get a water color from Brit!"

Emily & Rachel
Emily & Rachel

"The ketubah arrived on time and is absolutely beautiful. Britt worked with my fiance and I and our rabbi to ensure that the text was accurate and that our aesthetic preferences were met. I really appreciate how responsive she was throughout the entire process while planning my wedding. She's been one of the easiest and most helpful vendors with whom I've had the pleasure of working. I wish that all vendors involved in weddings were like Britt. I would recommend her to anyone who asked me where to get a ketubah or other watercolor item."

Daniel & Danielle
spring blossom10.jpg

"My husband and I are so happy with the ketubah that Britt made us. Britt gracefully put up with a short deadline and a cranky rabbi and the went a step beyond to meet us for the ketubah pick up. I am so happy that Britt designed our ketubah and even more so to have met her. I would highly recommended Britt and her artwork!"

Sarah & James
Succulent Garden Ketubah

"Amazing service, wonderful communication, stunning product - we could not be more happy with our purchase!"

eshet chayil blue and purple 14.jpg

"Beautiful! Brit was so helpful and careful to make sure everything about the Ketubah was correct. She even helped to translate our text to Hebrew! Thanks Brit!"

Davina & Dor
Blue & Purple Watercolor Drops Ketubah

"It’s beautiful - everyone loved it. I can’t wait to get it framed and hanging on our wall."

Mark & Lauren
Blue & Purple Watercolor Drops Ketubah

" It is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for your help, we're so looking forward to having it up on our wall!"

Succulent wreath home blessing

"BEAUTIFUL! This is a gift I know they will love"

Rebecca & Josh
Succulent & Flowers Ketubah

"We absolutely love our Ketubah! Ordering with Britt was quick and easy and the finished product is gorgeous. Perfect for our desert wedding."

Eva & Brandon
Succulent Garden Ketubah

"I got it and LOVE it, especially the embroidery! Thank you for your work!!!"

Ali & Mitchell
beaded ketubah

"Brit was an absolute joy to work with and created the most beautiful Ketubah. During COVID we had to reschedule our wedding date several times and she was so understanding, patient, and flexible while we tried to navigate when our wedding date would be changed to. Brit worked with us every step of the way and it could not have been a better experience. The Ketubah was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much Brit for creating such a beautiful work of art to commemorate our special day!!"

Caroline & Michael
Ocean watercolor drops ketubah

"Wow, Brit was fantastic with communication all throughout the Ketubah designing/editing/buying process. It is so gorgeous and we are excited to hang it up in our house!!!"

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