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Alli & Michael

Welcome to My Studio!

As an artist, I pride myself in using the very best materials available to create works that will last a lifetime (and beyond)! From my completely unique use of glass beads and embroidery in these works, to the very best watercolor and acrylic paints on the market, every element is given it's place and respect.

Get inspired! 

Lets work together to create your dream Ketubah or other work. 

Whether it is embroidery, watercolors, beads, or acrylic - choose one
or all of these mediums to bring to life a completely unique and personally special work.

Watercolor studio by BRITcolors
Paper embroidery by BRITcolor

What is an Embroidered Ketubah?

Embroidery has always had a special

place in my heart and requires a great deal of focus, technique and love to properly bring to life. Inspired by various styles of needle work from around the world,

these extremely unique hand made Embroidered Ketubahs are to date exclusive only to my store and catalog. 

What is a Beaded Ketubah?
After great success with my Embroidered Ketubah line, I was once again inspired after time spent with a Bedouin woman in the Sinai who shared with me her knowledge of their beautiful customary bead work on clothes and accessories. Since then, I have created a few Beaded Ketubahs based on my embroidery technique - and there are more to come!


Gold acrilyc and glass beads
Gold acrylic and glass beads

Your love and connection is one of a kind, so why shouldn't your Ketubah be?

My greatest joy in doing what I do comes

from the opportunity to work directly with clients, through meetings in person or video chat

to create customized designs. 
These pieces tell the story of the individuals and couples who want to create a wholly unique representation of the once in
a lifetime experience being celebrated.

What would you do for your

custom Ketubah?

After making hundreds of Ketubahs for couples all over the world, in June of 2019 came my time for me to go under the Chupah and marry the love of my life. We knew we wanted a completely special and unique Ketubah that incorporated all my mediums while paying homage to the traditional layout design. What came out was a perfect balance of watercolor and embroidery for a Ketubah like no other.
watercolor embroidered ketuba
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